Graduate School, Tohoku University of Community Service and Science


< Master’s Course >
The Master’s Course is two-year programme. For completion, students must achieve at least 30 credits, complete a Master’s thesis, and pass the final examination.

■ Basic Subjects
Basic subjects enable students to understand each academic discipline deeply and widen the scope of their research through interdisciplinary study. Students must achieve more than six credits from Basic Seminars and Basic Lectures.

■ Methodological Subjects
Students must master both qualitative and quantitative methodology in order to conduct good research. Students must achieve more than six credits from Methodological Subjects.

■ Major Subjects
There are five groups of subjects that allow students to focus on their individual fields of interest. Students can study through analyzing current topics and relevant issues.

■ Extension Subjects, Project Subjects
Open lectures and fieldwork let students exchange opinions with others to deepen their understanding. Students must achieve more than four credits from Major Subjects, Extension Subjects, and Project Subjects.

■ Seminars
The Seminars are conducted under the guidance of our professors. Students must achieve eight credits by completing their own research for their Master’s thesis.

< Doctorate’s Course >
Students who have completed a Master’s Course can proceed to a Doctorate’s course and complete it within three years. Students conduct research under the guidance of our professors. Please enquire about the available fields of research and criteria needed for completion.



There is a number of Entrance Examinations that applicants can choose according to different criteria.

3. Information up to date as of May the 1st, 2019

Number of Teaching Staff: 26 (Member of the Faculty Meeting)
Number of Students: 20 for Master’s Course, 4 for Doctor’s Course